Custom Uptime Solutions

40% of ALL Downtime Culprit- POWER
Our Products

  1. Eliminate No Trouble Found Calls
  2. Maximize Reliability
  3. Reduce Service Spend Over 30%
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We Solve System Problems
Reliable Service

  1. Identify and Prevent Downtime
  2. Proactive Answers
  3. Certified Professionals
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Your Energy Is Your Business
Take Control of It!

  1. Utility Rate Checks
  2. Reimbursements for Overpayments
  3. Your Company Saves Thousands!
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CUSI's products include power conditioners, UPS, Mobile Power Manager Local Area Power Center and more.

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On-Site Service

Our complete portfolio of services alleviate system downtime, provide cost-effective solutions and can save your business money.

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Utility Savings

Find out how much your business can save on costly utility spend.


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Customized Uptime Solutions saves your company money!

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