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Our products reduce service calls on equipment by 30% or more. From industrial to medical and financial to retail, our customized solutions make your equipment work better and last longer, with more revenue-generating uptime.

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What We Do

We troubleshoot downtime. CUSI works with some of the biggest names out there to reduce system lock-ups, reboots, jams, communication errors, no connectivity, and many other ‘no-fault-found’ service events on equipment.

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We are the trustworthy electrical experts for your multi-site rollouts across the nation. Whether it’s 25 or 2,500 sites, our dedicated team of project managers ensure projects are completed without hassle and on time.

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Thousands of equipment manufacturers, service providers, industrial manufacturers and departments inside big organizations rely on our hardware and services.


Our loyal customers include health care technology device producers, heavy industrial manufacturers, government contractors, technology start-ups, laboratory equipment manufacturers, point of sale manufacturers, kiosk DVD distributors, universities, retailers, service consultants, and just about everyone in-between. The world’s most critical brands depend on our products every day. We will never take their trust — or your trust — for granted.

We built the company that we’d want to do business with. We hope you do too.

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