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Electric Car Charging Installation

Customized Uptime Solutions, Inc. (CUSI) specializes in helping OEMs operating in the electric car charging space with national turnkey installation services. CUSI’s model is to partner with these companies who then bundle our services upfront. That provides an additional revenue stream for the company and a streamlined installation for the customer.

Drawing on our expertise, CUSI has developed pricing for different scopes of work. Our base offerings include the different installation requirements for stand-alone pedestals and wall-mount charging units as well as several different options for electrical runs, concrete pad work and either networked or non-networked charger units. Establishing which scope is applicable to your customer is accomplished through a review of an installation checklist and confirmed through a site survey.

Additionally, we provide pricing breakdowns for clients interested in multiple units at single or multi-site locations.


Car Charging station installation

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