Custom UPS and Power Conditioners Branded for 3D Printers

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There is no question that additive manufacturing equipments needs power quality solutions. Many 3D printer OEMs are recommending UPS systems and power conditioners to their end users, putting it on the end user to research and find the proper products.


Better Solution: OEMs should work with the best power quality experts in the field, bundle the solutions and brand the products with their own logo.


What are the benefits of bundling solutions and branding UPS systems and power conditioners?

  1. Increase top line revenue
  2. Ensure customers are protecting their equipment properly
  3. Save end users the headache of finding their own power quality solutions
  4. Assurance that equipment will work with maximum uptime


What are UPS systems and power conditioners?

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are designed specifically to address the power needs of small data centers and critical load applications.


The Powervar Power Conditioners add low impedance isolation transformers and noise filters, in addition to a surge diverter, to protect your equipment from disturbances within your power systems. They also create a clean power source and a new grounded operating environment that protects your equipment. By eliminating high frequency transients, spikes, sags and common mode voltage Powervar Power Conditioners have reduced equipment lock ups, communication errors, reboots and other mysterious issues by 30% or more in countless case studies.


Dedicated circuits with a true isolated ground can cost thousands for an electrician to retrofit. Power Conditioners provide a new and separate ground at the point of use, and the internal low impedance isolation transformer is more electrically pure than special wiring.


If you are interested in increasing revenue by bundling solutions – contact a Customized Uptime Solutions representative today.



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