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Studies have shown that over 50% of equipment (ATMs, electronic safes, teller computers) unreliability can be linked to issues with the electrical infrastructure and power quality problems, and not the actual machine hardware or software. Symptoms can include: system lock-ups, reboots, jammed equipment, communication errors, no connectivity, and many other no fault found service events. These types of symptoms can be created from shared circuits, grounding issues, heavily loaded electrical panels and loose connections.

We offer inspections to troubleshoot your existing installations or assist with new installations to ensure that your equipment and customers are not impacted by power quality related downtime.

Our services and products for ATMs, electrical safes, teller computers include:

Troubleshoot Equipment and System Downtime
  • Examine electrical panels to ensure building grounding systems are properly installed and panels are safe/compliant
  • Test the circuit and outlet powering the equipment for proper polarity and grounding
  • Test voltage at the critical outlet or hardwired connection point
  • Inspection of facility grounding system
  • Inspection for temperature & moisture issues
Power Conditioning Hardware
  • Solutions that create a new power source at the point of use and provide protection against equipment degradation, system disruption, and catastrophic damage
  • Both passive power line conditioners and all-in-one devices that incorporate batteries with power line conditioning
National Electrical Services for Planned Upgrades and Rollouts
  • Experts in nationwide electrical rollouts
  • New AC circuits, circuit extensions, electrical panel changes, and low voltage cabling
Site Preparation and Planning
  • Understand application and best practices for power quality
  • Create electrical site readiness documentation
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