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Power Conditioners

POWERVAR power conditioners combine surge diversion and noise filtering with a highly efficient low-impedance isolation transformer. Sizes range from 78 VA to 300 kVA with a variety of connection styles.

Single-Phase UPS

POWERVAR uninterruptible power managers (UPM) combine surge diversion and noise filtering with a highly efficient low-impedance isolation transformer. Sizes range from 240VA to 3000VA with a variety of connection styles for your application needs.

Three - Phase UPS

POWERVAR Three-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are designed specifically to address the power needs of small data centers and critical load applications.

Medical Cart Power Supply

POWERVAR’s MOBILE POWER MANAGER (MPM) provides power to mobile medical carts while recharging batteries. UL60601 compliant.

Local Area Power Center

Your entire Point of Sale system: Protected. Designed for situations where individual power conditioners or UPS devices are not practical , the LAPC incorporates the UPS system, maintenance bypass system (MBS), and power distribution unit (PDU) all in one compact location away from the customers.

Custom Engineering

From power probes to custom engineering and more, POWERVAR is dedicated to offering you the finest services and products to keep your mission-critical applications running smoothly.

UPS 101: No More Square Waves

POWERVAR has improved its innovative and successful family of power reliability and power protection products with the addition of the Grounding Technology Solutions (GTS) product family– an isolated, true sine-wave UPS system. The GTS Series is designed with a surge diverter, noise filter and low impedance isolation transformer to guarantee fully conditioned isolated power whether operating on utility or on battery. Our Ground Guard technology protects the performance of networked systems without the added expense and hassle of requiring dedicated isolated electrical circuits. The GTS Series prevents the occurrence of “ground loops” and makes dedicated-isolated electrical circuits obsolete..


Power Conditioning 101: What is Clean Power?

Electronic motors, telephone equipment, refrigerator condensers and even florescent lights wreak havoc on your electrical equipment. The noise created within harsh electrical environments causes intermittent errors and eventual hardware failure. The Powervar Power Conditioner protects your equipment by creating a clean power source and a new grounded operating environment. By eliminating high frequency transients, spikes, sags and common mode voltage Powervar power conditioners reduce equipment lock ups, communication errors, reboots and other mysterious issues by 30% or more. Dedicated circuits with a true isolated ground can cost thousands for an electrician to retrofit. Powervar Power Conditioners provide a new and separate ground at the point of use and the internal low impedance isolation transformer is more electrically pure than special wiring. Powervar equipment is trusted by the largest Point of Sale and cash transaction manufacturers in the world to keep devices operating smoothly and businesses up and running.

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